Caviar of Switzerland

Since its foundation in Switzerland more than 10 years ago,
Caviar of Switzerland has now become a global one
Developed skin care brand. Caviar of Switzerland will
developed entirely in Switzerland on the Swiss Riviera
and produces.

With a unique blend of quality, innovation and...
Elegance, the line delivers high-end results that reflect the luxury
distinguishes the brand and the beauty of all women

Caviar of Switzerland already has a presence in over 30
countries and is in the process of moving to other locations and
establish large department stores.

Our philosophy is that high-quality ingredients,
Innovation and a touch of luxury to the customers
product that they are proud to use.

Our favourites


We know that caviar is very expensive and enjoyed on special occasions
- accompanied by fine French champagne. At the same time is caviar
but also a fundamental part of cosmetology, because he has the
Ability to eliminate the signs of aging on mature skin and skin its
restore natural radiance.

About thirty years ago, in 1983 to be precise, the
Cosmetology's effectiveness with caviar. Mrs. Erika Bauerpu researched
the positive effect of caviar on skin elasticity.

Thanks to the high concentration of Vitelin and the wrinkle-free appearance of the
Caspian fishermen who have smooth skin despite extensive exposure to the sun
the idea arose that caviar must be good for the skin. The
Composition was based on sturgeon eggs and additionally contained mussels,
Oysters, algae and plankton, in combination with vitamins, lipids, proteins,
minerals and trace elements. Ingredients necessary for building cells
are valuable.

Real caviar comes from sturgeon, a fish found in Russia and parts
Asia lives. They lay millions of eggs in the rivers. The young fish
live in fresh water for a few years before migrating to the open sea.
Today, about 98% of the world's caviar comes from the sturgeons in the world
live in the Caspian Sea. The Sevruga caviar from there is one of the
most expensive ever.

The Swiss formula makes the difference

Caviar of Switzerland offers exclusive anti-aging products with a
High-tech active ingredient complex made from valuable caviar extract, a
potent collagen synthesis stimulating peptide, hyaluronic acid,
the powerful enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) and resveratrol.

An exclusive and highly effective complex that nourishes the skin
gives a younger and healthier look and at the same time pure
quality and innovation offers .

  • PRECIOUS CAVIAR EXTRACT - Fish eggs from sturgeon (Acipenser Baerli) provide anti-aging amino acids and phospholipids
  • SYN®-COLL - a powerful collagen synthesis stimulating peptide
  • HYALURONIC ACID - the magnet for moisture
  • SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE (SOD) - a powerful enzyme against oxidative stress
  • RESERVATROL - protective molecule with antioxidant properties


Caviar of Switzerland offers a complete and innovative
Skin care series and the No. 1 solution against skin aging.
The unique combination of caviar extracts and active
Active ingredients delivers nutrients directly to the skin and improves
their health, vitality and general appearance.
Each of these products complement each other and
works in perfect synergy to bring you the most radiant and
to give you the healthy skin you've always wanted